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Lubin Olson Partner Makes News in Solyndra Bankruptcy

On September 27, 2011, Lubin Olson bankruptcy partner Dennis Miller made national news in connection with the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of Solyndra LLC, a solar panel manufacturer.  Lubin Olson, representing Solyndra's landlord, iStar CTL I, L.P., asked the Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware to defer the bankrupt company's plans to auction off its seven-year lease until Solyndra identified all anticipated bidders at the sale.  Lubin Olson also challenged Solyndra's proposed auction rules on the grounds that they prevented the landlord from knowing what the prevailing bidder wanted to do with the building “until just before the sale hearing."

Solyndra became a household name in recent weeks after Congress commenced an investigation into the $535 million federal loan guarantee it received.  The company filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier in September 2011 and says it plans to either sell its production facilities or liquidate solar panel manufacturing equipment.  

For a link to the article on Lubin Olson's activities in the Solyndra bankruptcy, click here.

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